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Building a Career at KIPP Delta – Be Radical. Teach Rural.


KIPP is hiring a diverse team of dynamic, collaborative,
and dedicated individuals with an unyielding belief that
every child can climb the mountain to and through college.

Community of Learners

We are a community of learners who are dedicated to reflection and continual improvement. We are passionate about our content, committed to refining our practice, and incorporate curiosity and a love for learning in our classrooms. At KIPP Delta, you will be part of a team and family that works to better themselves in order to best serve our students and families.

Team and Family

At KIPP Delta, you will be part of a tight-knit team that collaborates and shares best practices to provide a rigorous, consistent, and joy-filled environment for all students. We support each other, believe our students will succeed, and work hard to make that happen. We also encourage and cultivate strong family involvement through home visits, community events, and frequent communication with parents. At our schools, some KIPP parents have even become part of our staff! When we say “Team and Family,” we mean “Team and Family,” with an emphasis on Family.

Growth and Development

We are not only passionate about our students’ success, but also our Staff's success. We create opportunities for growth through weekly check-ins with your coach and team. KIPP teachers receive between 60 and 90 minutes of planning time each day, on average. Once a week, our teachers have the opportunity to participate in school-based or regional professional development. Moreover, as part of the national KIPP network, you will have opportunities to learn from and engage in trainings with your peers from other KIPP regions across the country. If you have a growth mindset and are seeking to become an expert in your craft, you will thrive at KIPP Delta!

Focus on Character

KIPP’s national motto -- “Work Hard. Be Nice.” – isn’t just a tagline. Since our founding, the development of character has been as important to us as the teaching of rigorous academic skills. As a region, we focus on seven highly predictive strengths: zest, grit, self-control, optimism, gratitude, social intelligence, and curiosity. Learn more about what these character strengths look like here .

Lasting Impact

KIPP has a 23-year track record of sending students from educationally underserved communities to college at a rate 5x that of their peers. However, our work does not stop there. We are committed to seeing our students not only to college but also through college. Our KIPP Through College (KTC) team works alongside teachers and school leadership to ensure all of our students can pursue choice-filled lives. Our KTC program works to close the college completion gap by providing academic support and advising, assisting with the financial aid process, and helping students navigate barriers through high school and college. At KIPP Delta, you can be sure the gains you make with your students are not lost once they leave your classroom.

History of Success

At KIPP Delta, you’re part of a national movement and a community of game-changing educators. KIPP Delta is one of the highest performing networks of schools in the Arkansas Delta and has been proving what is possible for students in rural America for more than 15 years. 89% of our students matriculate to college, and 56% of our students graduate college. This is over 5x the national average for similar demographics.

Love. Literacy. Leadership

These are the three strategic anchors that guide our work here at KIPP Delta.


First and foremost, we love our students and their families. We know where our students are at all times. This guarantees our classrooms are places where students grow as scholars and as individuals who pursue their passions. We also consistently communicate with families about academic results and school events and regularly recognize the work our parents do to ensure the success of their children.


We believe in the power of literacy and its ability to positively affect the trajectories of our students' lives. We know our students' reading levels and whether or not they have moved in an upward direction. We implement several strategies, including guided reading, KIPP Wheatley, and interim assessments to make sure we are consistently assessing our students and remediating when necessary. Most of all, we seek to build an intense love of reading in our students, knowing that such a love forms the groundwork for a fulfilled life.


We spend time developing our people. Managers must coach to their employees' strengths and challenge them to leverage those same strengths when tackling challenges. Our teachers receive the time, coaching, support, and resources to dramatcically improve their instruction each year. School directors spend at least 70% of their time on instructional coaching so that teachers receive enough quality feedback to improve their instruction and craft.

In the rural South, the need for committed educators is great, but the potential for success is even greater. Now, more than ever, it’s time to be radical and teach rural . What are you waiting for?