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KIPP Blytheville Gets Ready for Benchmark

KIPP Blytheville College Preparatory School hosted its inaugural Benchmark Madness event on Friday and Saturday. After having a typical school day on Friday from 7:15am to 4:00pm, all students who had earned the opportunity to participate stayed at school until 7:00am Saturday morning. Every teacher had a one hour activity planned, and the 140 students rotated through each class. Activities included learning about and firing potato guns, roasting marshmallows, making and launching straw rockets, participating in game show competitions, playing xBox games, building forts, constructing tetrahedrons, creating comic books, painting with straws, analyzing karyotypes, competing in fitness and endurance exercises, and participating in improv acting. The night also included a midnight dance party and several pranks pulled on students and teachers alike. A group of devoted KIPP parents, grandparents, and community members volunteered all night, making sure that students had plenty to eat for dinner, snacks, and breakfast, as well as assisting with the various activities.

About KIPP Delta Public Schools

KIPP Delta Public Schools are tuition-free, open enrollment, public charter schools that accept all students on a space-available basis. Our mission is to empower students from high-poverty communities to develop the knowledge, skills, and character traits necessary to pursue a college education and a life of value, joy, and integrity. For more information, visit

About KIPP

KIPP has grown from two original schools founded by Teach For America alumni Mike Feinberg and Dave Levin to a national network of 109 free, open enrollment, college-preparatory public charter schools.  Over 95 percent of students enrolled in KIPP schools are African American or Hispanic/Latino, and more than 80 percent qualify for the federal free and reduced-price meals program. To date, over 85 percent of students who have graduated from KIPP middle schools have matriculated to college. For more information, visit


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