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KIPP Delta Receives Approval to Open Forrest City Campus

KIPP Delta receives approval to open FC campus next year

By Kendall Owens

November 14, 2014

KIPP Delta Public Schools will open a Forrest City campus in the summer of 2015 after receiving approval to open their newest campus from the Arkansas Department of Education Thursday.

According to Scott Shirey, KIPP Delta Executive Director, the campus will open with more than 80 fifth grade students in either July or August of next year.

“This approval will allow us to open the Forrest City campus next summer, in either July or August. We’re still working on our calendar for next year, so that is still to be decided. We generally have a summer program in July and then roll that into the school year in August. In either case, we will open in Forrest City next summer,” said Shirey.

Where that campus will be located is still to be determined, as well.

“We have a strong contender for our location, and we are in the process of having our architect look at everything. Then, we’ll make our final decision,” said Shirey.

When the school opens for its first year, plans call for 85 students.

“We’re looking to serve around 85 students in year one. We can pull from anyone within a proximity of our campus – Forrest City, Hughes, Palestine-Wheatley or the surrounding area – and the key to that will be transportation and bus routes,” said Shirey.

“In Phillips County, we have a full pre-K to 12th grade campus, and it is therefore feasible for us to have bus routes that go to Marianna and Forrest City for students. That is what we envision for our Forrest City campus as well, but starting out, we’re going to have to determine where the students are coming from, which will determine what bus routes we have,” he said.

If more there are more than 85 applicants, Shirey said a lottery will be held in April to select students. To enroll, visit Shirey said the Forrest City campus should be listed on the enrollment link by next week.

“All parents and guardians have to do is go to our website and select the enroll now option and then select the Forrest City campus. If it’s not there today, it should be next week. If we have more applicants than spaces, we will do a lottery and conduct that in April,” he said.

“We’re excited to continue to serve the students of this area and excited to be able to provide an additional choice for parents in St. Francis County and the surrounding areas. We’re looking forward to making Forrest City our new home,” said Shirey.

According to Shirey, the Forrest City campus will employ six to seven full-time staff members when school opens, along with several part-time employees.

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