KIPP Through College

Nationally, students from the top quintile of income graduate from college at much higher rates than students from educationally underserved communities like Helena and Blytheville.

By 2020, our goal is 82% of our students who graduate from
our high schools graduate from college.

College Match

We know from research and experience that many students in our communities apply to less-selective schools with
lower graduation rates, even if they could get into more-selective schools with higher graduation rates. They undermatch.
College advisors, in partnership with families, guide students to matriculate to their best fit college.

College match

Know your numbers

Build a smart wishlist

Prepare for the cost of college

Get an early start

College Persistence

Graduating students

The work of KTC does not end when our students graduate high school. Our College Persistence team supports first generation, assisting college students with a variety of topics including regular contact (via campus visits, email, texts, and calls), academic progress, financial aid, socio-emotional issues, campus life, internships, and career options.

Have a Passion, Purpose, and a Plan

Know Who You Are

Start Strong, Stay Strong

Network & Navigate

Be Financially Fit

KIPP Delta Through College

KIPP Graduate

At KIPP Delta Public Schools, our continuing aspiration for KIPPsters is that they live fulfilling, economically self-sufficient, choice-filled lives. We work closely with students, families, and community to ensure students have the tools and support needed to attain a college degree.

KTC’s approach is split into two: College Match and College Persistence. Both teams work in partnership to see our students through college and exist to prepare and support students for a choice-filled life. KIPP Through College (KTC) was created to provide alumni the tools and support needed to attain a college degree, beginning in middle school and continuing all the way through college.

The KTC full-time staff provides students with college matching and placement services so students can identify the colleges that are right for them, counseling and social/emotional support, ACT prep classes, and financial aid counseling for students and families. We also partner with local organizations to offer internships and summer programs for students to gain an understanding of the career opportunities available to them after college and begin to build a network of contacts to enable them to reach their career goals.

College partnerships play an important role in ensuring our students make it through college. Almost 50% of the Class of 2018 from KIPP Delta Collegiate and KIPP Blytheville Collegiate attended a college partner college/university. In Arkansas, our college partners are Hendrix College, Ouachita Baptist University, the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, and the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. Learn more about our college partners here.

KIPP Delta’s Envisioned Future

KIPP Graduates

Thirty years from now, the opportunity gap in the communities we serve will be eliminated. KIPP Delta students will be graduating from college at a rate that equals the college graduation rate for those from the top-income quintile households.

Our parents and students will view acceptance to and matriculation from college as the norm, not the outlier or an exception to the rule. College affordability and financial literacy will not be a challenge which keeps our graduates from achieving their dreams. KIPP Delta’s graduates will thrive in high quality, competitive colleges across the nation, thanks, in part, to the academic preparation received throughout the Pre-K - 12 career. Talk of whether or not college is for everyone will cease to be a topic of interest to those in our communities. Thirty years from now, KIPP Delta alumni will be teaching, leading, and inspiring the next generation of KIPPsters. The promise of college completion will be fulfilled.

Regional Network

KIPP Delta Public Schools is part of the KIPP non-profit network of college-preparatory, public charter schools. Our schools are free, and enrollment is open to all students. KIPP Delta was founded in 2002 with a class of 65 fifth graders in Helena, AR. Over the years, we have expanded to serve students on six campuses in three Arkansas Communities.