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KIPP Delta Collegiate High Announces Honor Roll

KIPP Delta Collegiate High School has announced the third quarter honor roll. Students earning the “cum laude” recognition have a GPA between 3.00 and 3.33 (repeating), “magna cum laude” is a GPA of 3.34 – 3.99 (repeating), and “summa cum laude” is a GPA of 4.0 or higher. These GPA's reflect weighted averages for AP courses. 


9th Grade / Class of 2016

Veronica Hoskins   3.0
Khadeja Brider      3.0
Nettra Morrow      3.1429
Grace Collins         3.1429
Unique Coleman   3.1429
James Griffin        3.16...
Bryan Scott          3.25
Stantaish Murry   3.25
Zakira Jones        3.25
Jacob Walker       3.2857
Kevin Martin        3.2857
Khadayilay Garza 3.2857
Destiny Bowie      3.2857

10th Grade / Class of 2015

Ebony Ivory        3.0
Emanuel Reed     3.125
Ashley Hubbard  3.1429
Donnesia Clark    3.2857
Christian Mims     3.33...

11th Grade / Class of 2014

Jermaine Suggs     3.0
Chrystal Hall          3.1429
Kenneth Cox         3.1429
Shadijah Jackson  3.16...
Kentyra Mckinney 3.2
Shakina Hart         3.25
Dondie Franklin     3.2857

12th Grade / Class of 2013

Aeisha Trice         3.0
Tiana Williams      3.0
Kelvanisha Wil.    3.2
Alexis Peals          3.2
Jordan Neighbors 3.2
Kristen Jackson    3.2
Tyler Williams       3.2857
Lakebia Taylor     3.33...
Otis Richardson   3.33...
Carl Olloway        3.33...
Martha Darnall     3.33...


9th Grade / Class of 2016
Briana Hardnett  3.375
Nokia Otey          3.4286
Danielle Sims       3.5714
Miracle Farr        3.5714
Kodie Bryant       3.7143
Traveasha Nickson   3.75
Tykeena Watson      3.875

10th Grade / Class of 2015
Desilynn Redd      3.375
Summer Farris      3.4286
Quentin Murry     3.5714
Jerrika Bonner     3.66...
Justice Ross        3.7143
Derrick King         3.7143
Rakeneya Simmons  3.83...
Jasmine Hicks      3.83...
Artesian Jackson  3.8571

11th Grade / Class of 2014
Traci Booth     3.4
Courtney Beckwood     3.4286

12th Grade / Class of 2013
Vanessa Williams  3.4286
Raheem Morris     3.5
David Whitfield     3.6
Zachary Hicks      3.6
Adrienne Fields     3.6
Kenya Brider        3.6
De'Quan Clayton  3.6...


9th Grade / Class of 2016

Jasmine Flueranvil
Tyrone Gamble
Mack Williams

10th Grade / Class of 2015

Brianna Brider

11th Grade / Class of 2014

Andy Lin

12th Grade / Class of 2013

Precious Hunt

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