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The Importance of Character in Student Success

Character strengths, in one way or another, have always been a vital part of KIPP’s push for high achievement.  We cannot have high academic expectations without also holding high expectations of character.  Teaching in an environment with character strengths at the core allows you to not only teach English, math, or science, but also teach the more important subject of life.  Incorporating character development in the classroom gives me a greater sense of satisfaction in what I do every day, and it also elicits a larger investment from the students.  At KIPP, it is understood that learning goes beyond solving math problems and interacting with literature, to solving life’s problems and interacting with the world.  Character development pushes education through the classroom walls and provides our students with the tools to navigate any environment. By using grit, self-control, optimism, curiosity, zest, and social intelligence, our students become confident in their ability to overcome any obstacle, in their academics and beyond.


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