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Arkansas Grading System

Dear Team and Family,

The Arkansas Department of Education recently released a new grading system for Arkansas schools.  Unlike letter grades a student may receive on a test, school letter grades are an overview of several different performance measures:

  • Student achievement on state assessments in math and literacy
  • Annual performance target growth
  • Graduation Rate (if applicable)
  • Difference in academic performance between students with certain risk factors, such as special education needs, and students without these risk factors.

KIPP Delta Public Schools received the following letter grades for each school:

  • KIPP Delta Collegiate High School – B
  • KIPP Delta College Preparatory School – B
  • KIPP Blytheville College Preparatory School – C
  • KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy – D

Despite outperforming local school districts in over 90% of tested areas and outperforming the state in 48% of tested areas, we did not meet all of our annual academic performance growth targets, resulting in lower school grades.   Annual performance growth targets are based on an individual school’s previous results, regardless of how high or low the results.  For more information on KIPP Delta’s academic results, please visit

We are committed to fulfilling our promise of preparing your student for the journey to and through college.  Currently, over 80% of our alumni are persisting in, or have already graduated from, college.  We will continue to push for academic growth and college readiness for each of our students in the years to come.

Thank you for being a part of our team and family and appreciate having the opportunity to serve your child.  As always, please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. 


Scott Shirey

Executive Director

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If you are a journalist or a member of the media and have an inquiry, please contact:

Carissa Godwin
Chief of External Affairs