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Notes from the Delta - April 2013 Newsletter

From the Executive Director

Dear Team and Family-

I hope this newsletter finds you all well and enjoying the beginnings of spring as the cold weather is finally and slowly relenting.  We are now officially in the midst of test season and the incredible focus can be felt at each of our schools.  Just last week, while giving a tour, I found myself in trouble for being too loud on the deck outside of our classrooms.  I love that our staff and students care deeply about doing well and doing their best.

However, regardless of the outcome of our test results, I am proud of what our team and students have accomplished this year and the organization that we continue to build.  This year, we will have the honor of graduating more seniors than ever before and those forty students have for the first time earned more than $1 million in scholarships.  Our students at KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy have   read more than ever before, with first, second, and third graders reading a combined 5,308 books.  We have had more participation and more success in athletics than at any previous year at KIPP Delta.  I also just had the privilege of completing a school review at KIPP Delta College Preparatory School in Helena and was struck by just how polite and kind our students were.  Please, thank you, hello, and excuse me could be heard throughout the campus showing signs of social intelligence and gratitude.  It is this type of character development along with academic preparedness that will enable our students to be successful in college and beyond.

While we can be proud of these successes, we have much more work to do.  Too many of our students are still reading below grade level and far below college readiness levels.  Too many of our students are not participating in activities that further instill the character traits of grit and zest.  And as a result, the probability of our students being successful in college still lags well behind those who come from the upper echelons of wealth.  Thus, we need to continue to challenge ourselves and our students to push further and further.

The simple way to do this is to ensure that each of our students is reading every night and reading books that will challenge them.  Support KIPP Delta by donating money that will enable us the financial capability to not just have more books, but invest in higher quality reading programs, and hire strong reading teachers and specialists.  This continued dedication to reading and support of student participation in activities is what will enable KIPP Delta and its students to flourish for years to come.


Scott Shirey


Class of 2013 Earns $1 Million!

Each year, students in KIPP Delta’s senior class work diligently to apply for scholarships and make college more affordable. This year’s senior class of 44 students has been working especially hard on this front. We are very proud to announce that the Class of 2013 has surpassed KIPP Delta’s previous record and has received $1,034,040 in college scholarships!

The amount of time and the level of stress involved with selecting and applying to colleges, while still meeting the demands of high school classes, wasn’t enough to slow down the Class of 2013. With the help of Amy Charpentier and Laurie Brown in the KIPP Through College office, the seniors found and applied for countless scholarships through the fall and winter. They shot past the $1 million mark in mid-March and the total amount will continue to climb through the spring.

In addition to the incredible work and unbelievable dedication of Amy and Laurie, a big thank you is owed to the staff at KIPP Delta Collegiate High School. It takes the entire Team and Family to see students to and through college, and the work of teachers is vital to ensuring that students are actively working at a level in which they are eligible for scholarships. Congratulations to the Class of 2013 on this incredible achievement!


Read the Most from Coast to Coast

KIPP Delta has been making a strong push to boost literacy this winter and the culture of reading was stronger than ever on March 1, 2013. To celebrate Read Across America Day, all first, second, and third graders at KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy participated in a competition titled “Read the Most from Coast to Coast.” In just one day our participating students read over 600 books!

Accelerated Reader, the literacy program used at KIPP Delta, offers online quizzes that correspond to each book our students read. These quizzes measure comprehension and are taken every time a student finishes a book. On Read Across America Day, our first, second, and third graders passed 601 Accelerated Reader quizzes and contributed to the nationwide total of 4,409,622 passed quizzes. Since implementing this literacy program at the beginning of January, the Class of 2023 has passed 2,744 quizzes! The first and third graders are working to catch up to their second grade classmates, though their numbers are also quite impressive. The Class of 2024 has passed 1,064 quizzes and the Class of 2022 has passed 1,500 quizzes.

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  • April 8-12: Benchmark Exams for Grades 3-8
  • April 26-28: KIPP Delta Drama performances of Almost, Maine
  • May 18: Class of 2013 Graduation
  • August 20: Little Bites. Big Impact. (Event in Helena)

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