Our Team

Name Position Telephone Email Schoolsort ascending
Albert Haynes Custodian/Grounds & Maintenance albert.haynes@kippdelta.org Central Office
Stacy McShane Bus Monitor stacy.mcshane@kippdelta.org Central Office
Lashawnette Davis Bus Driver (870) 714-0685 lashawnette.davis@kippdelta.org Central Office
Edward Carter SIS Manager (870) 714-0607 edward.carter@kippdelta.org Central Office
Debbie Barrow Bus Monitor debbie.barrow@kippdelta.org Central Office
Steven Bradley Director of Child Nutrition (870) 714-5903 steven.bradley@kippdelta.org Central Office
Tina Veasley Human Resources Associate (870) 714-9764 tina.veasley@kippdelta.org Central Office
Taronza Ware Lead Custdonal (870) 714-5009 Taronza.Ware@kippdelta.org Central Office
Lakeshia Smith Food Service Staff (870) 228-2063 lakeshia.smith@kippdelta.org Central Office
Catina Thomas Food Service Staff (870) 816-7943 catina.thomas@kippdelta.org Central Office
Samella Murrell Food Service Staff (870) 635-7925 samella.murrell@kippdelta.org Central Office
Nakesha Gilyard Child Nutrition nakesha.gilyard@kippdelta.org Central Office
Megan Stitzinger Talent Director (870)714-5940 megan.stitzinger@kippdelta.org Central Office
Antonio Davenport Human Resources Director Antonio.Davenport@kippdelta.org Central Office
Dallas Adams AP/AR Associate Dallas.Adams@kippdelta.org Central Office
Travenon Heard Bus Driver travenon.heard@kippdelta.org Central Office
Grace Brown Talent Recruiter (870) 714-1294 grace.brown@kippdelta.org Central Office
Darlene Mora Bus Driver (870) 714-0645 darlene.mora@kippdelta.org Central Office
Jamie Alberta Marketing Coordinator-External Affairs (870) 714-5654 Jamie.Alberta@kippdelta.org Central Office
Lori Ginn Special Education Contractor Lori.Ginn@kippdelta.org Central Office
Raven Adams Controller (870) 714-0087 raven.adams@kippdelta.org Central Office
Tyranzio Thomas Custodian tyranzio.thomas@kippdelta.org Central Office
Ricky Childers Bus Driver ricky.childers@kippdelta.org Central Office
Martha Darnall Finance and Human Resources Associate (870) 714-0130 Martha.Darnall@kippdelta.org Central Office
Linda Murdock School Operations Leader (870) 714-5074 Linda.Murdock@kippdelta.org Central Office
Beatrice Eaton Bus Driver (870) 714-9776 beatrice.eaton@kippdelta.org Central Office
Carissa Godwin Chief of Staff (870) 714-9635 Carissa.Godwin@kippdelta.org Central Office
Annie Anderson Food Service Staff (870) 714-1099 annie.anderson@kippdelta.org Central Office
Chris Vaughn Bus Driver (870) 714-0463 Central Office
McArthur Dismuke Bus Driver (870) 714-0677 Central Office
Sue Fonzie Food Service Staff (870) 995-0261 sue.fonzie@kippdelta.org Central Office
Linda Walters Bus Driver (870) 714-0324 linda.walters@kippdelta.org Central Office
Dossie Howard Bus Driver (870) 714-1052 Central Office
Raymond Harris Bus Driver (870) 817-8090 Central Office
Robert Cheek Data Specialist (870) 714-0400 Robert.Cheek@kippdelta.org Central Office
Debbie Hubbert Transportation Associate (870) 714-0263 Debbie.Hubbert@kippdelta.org Central Office
Scott Shirey Executive Director scott.shirey@kippdelta.org Central Office
Amy Charpentier Chief Academic Officer (870) 714-0042 Amy.Charpentier@kippdelta.org Central Office
Maxine Calhoun Food Service Supervisor (870) 714-9777 Maxine.Willis@kippdelta.org Central Office
Charity Hallman Director of Finance (870) 714-0580 Charity.Hallman@kippdelta.org Central Office
Megan Balla Director of Data and Analytics (870) 714-0383 Megan.Balla@kippdelta.org Central Office
Lita Robinson Bus Driver (870) 817-9176 Lita.Robinson@kippdelta.org Central Office
Celya McShane Bus Driver (870) 817-8075 Central Office
Beronica Wilder-Hudson Human Resources Director (870) 714-0680 Beronica.Wilder-Hudson@kippdelta.org Central Office
Benita Allen Bus Driver (870) 714-1049 benita.allen@kippdelta.org Central Office
Sara Guilliam Academic Operations Manager (870) 714-0676 Sara.Guilliam@kippdelta.org Central Office
Thelma Reed Transportation Director (870) 817-8074 Thelma.Reed@kippdelta.org Central Office
Priscilla Dockery Food Service Manager (870) 714-0041 Priscilla.Dockery@kippdelta.org Central Office