Our Team

Name Positionsort ascending Telephone Email School
Thelma Reed Transportation Director (870) 817-8074 Thelma.Reed@kippdelta.org Central Office
Debbie Hubbert Transportation Associate (870) 714-0263 Debbie.Hubbert@kippdelta.org Central Office
Dawn Bennett Temporary Receptionist (870) 714-2046 Dawn.Bennett@kippdelta.org KIPP Blytheville Collegiate High
Charles Wright Teacher (870) 714-2857 Charles.Wright@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta College Preparatory
Robin Davis Teacher (870) 714-5315 robin.davis@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
Nicole Washington Teacher (870) 780-2741 Nicole.Washington@kippdelta.org KIPP Blytheville Collegiate High
Taivona Pattawi Teacher (870) 278-7571 Taivona.Johnson@kippdelta.org KIPP Blytheville College Preparatory
Ashley Linderman Teacher (870) 714-2534 ashley.linderman@kippdelta.org KIPP Forrest City College Preparatory
Marquita Ford Teacher (870) 714-0964 Marquita.Ford@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta College Preparatory
Andrea Brown Teacher (870) 714-5314 andrea.brown@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
LaCresha Stewart Teacher (870) 278-9055 lacresha.stewart@kippdelta.org KIPP Blytheville Collegiate High
Lydia Jacobs Teacher (870) 714-0430 Lydia.Jacobs@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
DaVida Pegues Teacher (870) 714-2424 davida.pegues@kippdelta.org KIPP Forrest City College Preparatory
Phillip Stackhouse Teacher (870) 714-2351 Phillip.Stackhouse@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta College Preparatory
Stacy Johnson Teacher (870) 817-1939 stacy.johnson@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
Larry Mitchell Teacher (870) 714-5766 Larry.Mitchell@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Collegiate High
Jonathan Tomasello Teacher (870) 278-1274 Jonathan.Tomasello@kippdelta.org KIPP Blytheville Collegiate High
Rashaun Lockhart Teacher (870) 714-1403 Rashaun.Lockhart@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
Jaclyn Dean Teacher (870) 714-0896 jaclyn.dean@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Collegiate High
Keith Montgomery Teacher (870) 714-2536 keith.montgomery@kippdelta.org KIPP Forrest City College Preparatory
Latoya Jones Teacher (870) 714-2930 Latoya.Jones@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta College Preparatory
LaChristie Crawford Teacher (870) 714-5625 LaChristie.Crawford@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
L.D. Anderson Teacher ld.anderson@kippdelta.org KIPP Blytheville Collegiate High
Erika Hubbard Teacher (870) 278-0317 Erika.Hubbard@kippdelta.org KIPP Blytheville Collegiate High
Jessica Pontoo Teacher (870) 714-1580 Jessica.Pontoo@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Collegiate High
Magnolia Maggett Teacher (870) 714-5478 magnolia.maggett@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta College Preparatory
Jessica Amos Teacher (870) 714-5013 Jessica.Amos@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
John Holmes Teacher (870) 278-9614 John.Holmes@kippdelta.org KIPP Blytheville Collegiate High
Teresa Worthy Teacher (870) 714-0428 Teresa.Worthy@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
Marisa Stanton Teacher marisa.stanton@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Collegiate High
Sheresa Rice Teacher (870) 317-5650 Sheresa.Rice@kippdelta.org KIPP Forrest City College Preparatory
Kim Townsend Teacher (870) 714-0937 Kim.Townsend@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta College Preparatory
Llewellyn Cooper Teacher (870) 278-4852 Llewellyn.Cooper@kippdelta.org KIPP Blytheville Collegiate High
Catherine Booth Teacher (870) 714-5476 Catherine.Booth@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta College Preparatory
Tandra Thomas Teacher tandra.thomas@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
Donna Turner Teacher (870) 714-5848 donna.turner@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Collegiate High
Ken Croft Teacher (870) 317-9998 Ken.Croft@kippdelta.org KIPP Forrest City College Preparatory
Amelda Cross Teacher (870) 714-2347 amelda.cross@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
Elizabeth Bonham Teacher (870) 714-5941 elizabeth.bonham@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta College Preparatory
Ashley Done Teacher 870-714-2148 Ashley.Done@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
Devin Farmer Teacher (870) 714-5939 Devin.Farmer@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
David O'Donnell Teacher (870) 714-0377 David.O'Donnell@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Collegiate High
Elizabeth Hodges Teacher (870) 317-0136 Elizabeth.Hodges@kippdelta.org KIPP Forrest City College Preparatory
Isabel Anderson Teacher (870) 714-0474 Isabel.Anderson@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta College Preparatory
Hannah Lamb Teacher (870) 714-5038 Hannah.Lamb@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
Gena Grubbs Teacher (870) 714-2193 Gena.Grubbs@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Collegiate High
Mitchell Hulyk Teacher (870) 714-5913 mitchell.hulyk@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta College Preparatory
Taren Williams Teacher (870) 714-0748 Taren.Williams@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
Ebonye Walton Teacher (870) 714-5627 Ebonye.Walton@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
Aaliyah Johnson Teacher (870) 714-0966 KIPP Delta Collegiate High
Abba Colbert Teacher (870) 278-6746 abba.colbert@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
Latrina Johnson Teacher (870) 714-0957 Latrina.Johnson@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta College Preparatory
Jessica Haymer Teacher (870) 714-0427 Jessica.Haymer@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
Roquel Williams Teacher (870) 714-5031 Roquel.Williams@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta College Preparatory
Nikecia Fuller Teacher (870) 714-2256 nikecia.fuller@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
Kimblyn Knowlton Teacher (870) 714-2343 Kimblyn.Knowlton@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
Levi Rogers Teacher (870) 714-0970 Levi.Rogers@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Collegiate High
Miranda Osuji Teacher (870) 714-2119 Miranda.Osuji@kippdelta.org KIPP Blytheville College Preparatory
Phillip Lockhart Teacher (870) 714-0967 Phillip.Lockhart@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
Heather Price Teacher (870) 714-9708 heather.price@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
Nathan Whitfield Teacher (870) 714-5116 Nathan.Whitfield@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta College Preparatory
Rachel Rogers Teacher (870) 714-2308 Rachel.Rogers@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
Blanca Diaz Teacher (870) 714-0286 Blanca.Diaz@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Collegiate High
Luetta Pulliam Teacher (870) 278-5357 Luetta.Pulliam@kippdelta.org KIPP Blytheville Collegiate High
Jordan Body Teacher (870) 278-1245 Jordan.Body@kippdelta.org KIPP Blytheville College Preparatory
Nyia Dykes Teacher (870) 714-0302 Nyia.Dykes@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
Chasity Lee Teacher (870) 714-0981 Chasity.Lee@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta College Preparatory
Casey Herron Teacher (870) 714-5522 casey.herron@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
Stanley Swentkowski Teacher (870) 714-9574 Stanley.Swentkowski@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
Emily Ellis Teacher (870) 714-5415 Emily.Ellis@kippdelta.org KIPP Blytheville Collegiate High
Carla Bonner Teacher (870) 714-2349 carla.bonner@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
Monteque Robinson Teacher (870) 714-0773 Monteque.Robinson@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta College Preparatory
Shemeka Bailey Teacher (870) 714-2324 Shemeka.Bailey@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
Tracy Duncan Teacher (870) 714-0902 Tracy.Duncan@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Collegiate High
Miaya Holliman Teacher (870) 824-0469 miaya.holliman@kippdelta.org KIPP Blytheville College Preparatory
Shannon McMulkin Teacher (870) 714-0841 Shannon.McMulkin@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Collegiate High
Michael Mebane Teacher (870) 278-9219 michael.mebane@kippdelta.org KIPP Blytheville Collegiate High
Marlana Hughes Teacher (870) 714-0684 Marlana.Hughes@kippdelta.org KIPP Blytheville College Preparatory
Vivian Sisk Teacher (870) 714-2328 Vivian.Sisk@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Collegiate High
Betty Sanders Teacher (870) 817-8072 Betty.Sanders@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Collegiate High
Nelvia Johnson Teacher 870-714-2350 Nelvia.Johnson@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta College Preparatory
Markeyah Wilson Teacher (870) 714-1793 Markeyah.Wilson@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
Jessica Walker Teacher (870) 714-0059 Jessica.Walker@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
Laureina Toler Teacher (870) 714-5749 Laureina.Toler@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Collegiate High
Tyisha Stewart Teacher (870) 278-9188 tyisha.stewart@kippdelta.org KIPP Blytheville Collegiate High
Tevin Wright Teacher (870) 278-4795 Tevin.Wright@kippdelta.org KIPP Blytheville College Preparatory
Latasha Ross Teacher (870) 714-0794 Latasha.Ross@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
Heather Outlaw Teacher (870) 317-0214 heather.outlaw@kippdelta.org KIPP Forrest City College Preparatory
Jamie Hwang Talent Manager Jamie.Hwang@kippdelta.org Central Office
Megan Stitzinger Talent Director megan.stitzinger@kippdelta.org Central Office
Crystal Davis Substitute (870) 494-6845 crystal.davis@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta College Preparatory
Andrea Dodson Special Education Teacher (870) 278-2670 andrea.dodson@kippdelta.org KIPP Blytheville College Preparatory
Sara Guilliam Special Education (870) 714-0676 Sara.Guilliam@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Collegiate High
Virginia Smith Special Education (870) 714-1820 Virginia.Smith@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
James McKinney School Operations Leader (870) 714-0976 James.McKinney@kippdelta.org Central Office
Linda Murdock School Operations Leader (870) 714-5074 Linda.Murdock@kippdelta.org Central Office
Alexia Gist School Director 870-714-0448 Alexia.Gist@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta College Preparatory
Andi Dixon School Director (870) 714-0002 Andi.Dixon@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Collegiate High
Todd Dixon School Director (870) 817-8089 Todd.Dixon@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
Patricia Gray School Director 870-714-5394 patricia.gray@kippdelta.org KIPP Forrest City College Preparatory
Alice Goldsberry School Director (870) 817-9158 Alice.Goldsberry@kippdelta.org KIPP Blytheville College Preparatory
Chris Mayes School Director (870) 278-2852 Chris.Mayes@kippdelta.org KIPP Blytheville Collegiate High
Elise Williams Registrar (870) 714-0607 Elise.Williams@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta College Preparatory
Carla Bivens Registrar (870) 714-5646 Carla.Bivens@kippdelta.org KIPP Blytheville Collegiate High
Mary Willingham Regional Literacy Director (870) 714-0367 mary.willingham@kippdelta.org Central Office
Tyranzio Thomas Regional Director of Special Education tyranzio.thomas@kippdelta.org Central Office
Traci Williams Regional Director of Special Education (870) 714-2168 Traci.Williams@kippdelta.org Central Office
Yvette Chambers Receptionist Yvette.Chambers@kippdelta.org KIPP Blytheville Collegiate High
Chintan Desai Project Manager (870) 714-5654 Chintan.Desai@kippdelta.org Central Office
Katrina McIntosh Operations Manager (870) 714-0961 Katrina.McIntosh@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
Ken Palmer Operations Coordinator ken.palmer@kippdelta.org KIPP Forrest City College Preparatory
Latoya Cullins Operations Coordinator (870) 714-2740 Latoya.Cullins@kippdelta.org KIPP Blytheville College Preparatory
Natasha Walker Operations Associate (870) 714-2329 Natasha.Walker@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta College Preparatory
Renee Bonner Occupational Therapist renee.bonner@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
Amber Billingsley Occupational Therapist (870) 768-5092 Amber.Billingsley@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
Helen Hull Nurse (870) 714-1775 Helen.Hull@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
Beatrice Boyd Nurse (870) 714-5668 Beatrice.Boyd@kippdelta.org KIPP Forrest City College Preparatory
Carolyn Herbert Nurse (870) 278-4042 Carolyn.Herbert@kippdelta.org KIPP Blytheville Collegiate High
Elizabeth Garcia Music Teacher & Choir Director (870) 714-1187 Elizabeth.Garcia@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Collegiate High
Carla Johnson Lead Custodian (870) 714-1156 carla.johnson@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
Taronza Ware Lead Custdonal of Middle and Highschool (870) 714-5009 Taronza.Ware@kippdelta.org Central Office
Jasmin Diaz KTC Office Associate (870) 714-0040 Jasmin.Diaz@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Collegiate High
Davita Briggs KTC Advisor (870) 714-2645 Davita.Briggs@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Collegiate High
Tomisha Gant KTC Advisor (870) 714-9799 Tomisha.Gant@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Collegiate High
Erin Handley KTC Advisor (870) 714-5204 Erin.Handley@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Collegiate High
Evan Dewey KTC Advisor (870) 824-0467 Evan.Dewey@kippdelta.org KIPP Blytheville Collegiate High
Laurie Brown KIPP Through College Director (870) 714-1028 Laurie.Brown@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Collegiate High
Martha Darnall Intern NA Martha.Darnall@kippdelta.org Central Office
Rochelle Thomas Instructional Assistant (870) 714-0039 Rochelle.Thomas@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
Joann Walker Instructional Assistant joann.walker@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
Anna Luster Instructional Assistant (870) 714-1801 Anna.Luster@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
Nequila Henry Instructional Assistant (870) 714-9843 nequila.henry@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
Tekilla Johnson Instructional Assistant (870) 714-0426 Tekilla.Johnson@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
Betty Hudson Instructional Assistant (870) 714-0479 betty.hudson@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
Cordelia Foster Instructional Assistant (870) 714-0246 Cordelia.Foster@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
Whitney Terry Instructional Assistant (870) 714-9527 Whitney.Terry@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
Paulette Rogers Johnson Instructional Assistant (870) 623 -3848 paulette.johnson@kippdelta.org KIPP Blytheville Collegiate High
Flora Weathersby Instructional Assistant (870) 714-9707 Flora.Weathersby@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
Kathleen Jones Instructional Assistant (870) 714-0426 Kathleen.Jones@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
Regina Wiley Instructional Assistant (870) 714-1493 Regina.Wiley@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
Toccara Franklin Instructional Assistant (870) 714-9706 Toccara.Franklin@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
Nancy Banks Instructional Aide (870) 714-1679 nancy.banks@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
Beronica Wilder-Hudson Human Resources Director (870) 714-0680 Beronica.Wilder-Hudson@kippdelta.org Central Office
Tina Veasley Human Resources Associate (870) 714-9764 tina.veasley@kippdelta.org Central Office
Rachel Boehm HS Math and Science rachel.boehm@kippdelta.org KIPP Blytheville Collegiate High
Deborah Clark Head Softball Coach (870) 714-5930 deborah.clark@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta College Preparatory
Jerry Sanders Head of Schools jerry.sanders@kippdelta.org Central Office
Shanta Hillard Front Office Assistant (870) 714-1706 shanta.hillard@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
Kerry Thompson Food Service/Bus Assistant (870) 824-0313 kerry.thompson@kippdelta.org KIPP Blytheville College Preparatory
Courtney Beckwood Jr. Food Service Transporter Courtney.Beckwood@kippdelta.org Central Office
Latisha Turnbo Food Service Staff (870) 945-2145 latisha.turnbo@kippdelta.org KIPP Forrest City College Preparatory
Jessyka Calhoun Food Service Staff Jessyka.Calhoun@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
Lakeshia Smith Food Service Staff (870) 228-2063 lakeshia.smith@kippdelta.org Central Office
Jajuana Matlock Food Service Staff NA Jajuana.Matlock@kippdelta.org KIPP Blytheville Collegiate High
Georgia Lonzo Food Service Staff NA georgia.lonzo@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Collegiate High
Catina Thomas Food Service Staff (870) 816-7943 catina.thomas@kippdelta.org Central Office
Samella Murrell Food Service Staff (870) 635-7925 samella.murrell@kippdelta.org Central Office
Annie Anderson Food Service Staff (870) 714-1099 annie.anderson@kippdelta.org Central Office
Sue Fonzie Food Service Staff (870) 995-0261 sue.fonzie@kippdelta.org Central Office
Jeanette Jones Food Service Scanner jeanette.jones@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Collegiate High
Sharon Wesson Food Service Manager (870) 714-0277 Sharon.Wesson@kippdelta.org KIPP Forrest City College Preparatory
Priscilla Dockery Food Service Manager (870) 714-0041 Priscilla.Dockery@kippdelta.org Central Office
Scott Shirey Executive Director scott.shirey@kippdelta.org Central Office
Jessica Stewart Director of Operations (870) 714-9254 jessica.stewart@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
Matt Perrin Director of Operations (870) 278-3693 Matt.Perrin@kippdelta.org KIPP Blytheville Collegiate High
Charity Hallman Director of Finance (870) 714-0580 Charity.Hallman@kippdelta.org Central Office
Andy Weld Director of Development and Communications (870) 662-5526 Andy.Weld@kippdelta.org KIPP Blytheville Collegiate High
Robert Cheek Director of Data Analytics (870) 714-0400 Robert.Cheek@kippdelta.org Central Office
Steven Bradley Director of Child Nutrition (870) 714-5903 steven.bradley@kippdelta.org Central Office
Megan Balla Data Manager (870) 714-0383 Megan.Balla@kippdelta.org Central Office
Delosie Harmon Custodian delosie.harmon@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Collegiate High
Vallese Sanders Custodian vallese.sanders@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Collegiate High
Lashundra Brown Custodian lashundra.brown@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
Jerry Parnell Custodian (870) 714-2301 jerry.parnell@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta College Preparatory
Bennie Rogers Custodian bennie.rogers@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta College Preparatory
Icemond Campbell Custodian icemond.campbell@kippdelta.org KIPP Blytheville Collegiate High
Debra Wright Custodian debra.wright@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta College Preparatory
Paul Johnson Custodian (870) 278-6770 Paul.Johnson@kippdelta.org KIPP Blytheville Collegiate High
Anthony Hudson Custodian (870) 824-0447 anthony.hudson@kippdelta.org KIPP Blytheville College Preparatory
Maggie Powell Controller (870) 714-0087 Maggie.Powell@kippdelta.org Central Office
Keith Bardsley Consultant (870) 714-2649 Keith.Bardsley@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Collegiate High
Wyvonne Sisk Consultant (870) 714-8076 Wyvonne.Sisk@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Collegiate High
Julia Staron College Advisor (870) 714-5147 julia.staron@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Collegiate High
Tyler Houston College Advisor tyler.houston@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Collegiate High
Keely Imboden College Advisor keely.imboden@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Collegiate High
Lizbeth Pagan College Advisor (870) 714-2649 Lizbeth.Pagan@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Collegiate High
David Rhoades College Advisor David.Rhoades@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Collegiate High
Sarah Dewey College Advisor (870) 714-1503 Sarah.Dewey@kippdelta.org KIPP Blytheville Collegiate High
Robin Hooks Child Nutrition Manager (870) 278-0975 Robin.Hooks@kippdelta.org KIPP Blytheville College Preparatory
Nakesha Gilyard Child Nutrition nakesha.gilyard@kippdelta.org Central Office
Janelle Jenkins Chief Operating Officer (870) 714-1895 Janelle.Jenkins@kippdelta.org Central Office
Carissa Godwin Chief of External Affairs (870) 714-9635 Carissa.Godwin@kippdelta.org Central Office
Amy Charpentier Chief Academic Officer (870) 714-0042 Amy.Charpentier@kippdelta.org Central Office
Larry Jackson Campus Caretaker (870) 714-2031 larry.jackson@kippdelta.org KIPP Forrest City College Preparatory
Annette Middlebrook Bus Driver/Instructional Assistant (870) 278-6886 Annette.Middlebrook@kippdelta.org KIPP Blytheville Collegiate High
Linda Walters Bus Driver (870) 714-0324 Central Office
Dossie Howard Bus Driver (870) 714-1052 Central Office
Lita Robinson Bus Driver (870) 817-9176 Central Office
Raymond Harris Bus Driver (870) 817-8090 Central Office
Celya McShane Bus Driver (870) 817-8075 Central Office
Carmelita Owens Bus Driver carmelita.owens@kippdelta.org KIPP Forrest City College Preparatory
Benita Allen Bus Driver (870) 714-1049 Central Office
Earnest Williams Bus Driver earnest.williams@kippdelta.org Central Office
Bennie Ousley Bus Driver (870) 714-2188 bennie.ousley@kippdelta.org KIPP Blytheville Collegiate High
Darlene Mora Bus Driver (870) 714-0645 darlene.mora@kippdelta.org KIPP Forrest City College Preparatory
Harold Thomas Bus Driver (870) 714-2189 harold.thomas@kippdelta.org KIPP Blytheville Collegiate High
Stacy McShane Bus Driver stacy.mcshane@kippdelta.org Central Office
Travis Crawford Bus Driver Travis.Crawford@kippdelta.org Central Office
Kizzie Lucas Bus Driver (870) 278-7162 Kizzie.Lucas@kippdelta.org KIPP Blytheville Collegiate High
Lashawnette Davis Bus Driver lashawnette.davis@kippdelta.org Central Office
John Murphy Bus Driver (870) 278-6955 john.murphy@kippdelta.org KIPP Blytheville Collegiate High
Edward Carter Bus Driver edward.carter@kippdelta.org Central Office
Chris Vaughn Bus Driver (870) 714-0463 Central Office
Beatrice Eaton Bus Driver (870) 714-9776 Central Office
Eddie Carter Bus Driver eddie.carter@kippdelta.org Central Office
McArthur Dismuke Bus Driver (870) 714-0677 Central Office
Debbie Barrow Bus Driver debbie.barrow@kippdelta.org Central Office
Travenon Heard Bus Driver travenon.heard@kippdelta.org KIPP Forrest City College Preparatory
Jacki Barnwell Assistant Principal jacki.barnwell@kippdelta.org KIPP Blytheville Collegiate High
Sherlona Riley-Moore Assistant Principal (870) 714-0496 Sherlona.Riley-Moore@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
Roger Michael Assistant Principal (870) 278-6006 Roger.Michael@kippdelta.org KIPP Blytheville Collegiate High
Cory Washington Assistant Principal (870) 714-2306 Cory.Washington@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
Crystal Myers-Martin Assistant Principal (870) 714-0516 crystal.martin@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy
Maxine Willis Assistant Food Service Manager (870) 714-9777 Maxine.Willis@kippdelta.org Central Office
Lacy Carraway AP/AR Associate (870) 714-1544 Lacy.Carraway@kippdelta.org Central Office
Erin Stephens After-Care Worker erin.stephens@kippdelta.org KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy