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Elementary School Bank Accounts

Research indicates that low- and moderate- income children with
at least $500 in savings are:

More likely to enroll in college
More likely to graduate

KIPP has partnered with Southern Bancorp and in order to improve students’ math and civics skills while proving that saving at school is practical and fun. For each deposit, students receive SuperSaver™ Points, which can be used for contests and other fun events.

Every Friday, students are able to make deposits into their bank account!

To help keep track of your student’s deposits, balance, and SuperSaver™ Points, parents can also create an account on
that will allow them to access all this information. Parents will also be able to view announcements for current and upcoming contests
and special events hosted by

K-3rd grade

Over 340
Over 2,000
Over $13K

Delta College Attainment Network (DCAN)

Delta College Attainment Network

The Delta College Attainment Network (DCAN) is a collaborative organization coordinated by KTC bringing post-secondary advising and guidance to local public high schools in the Arkansas Delta. Through this collaboration, we share the resources and knowledge to increase post-secondary outcomes for these students. In this agreement, we staff each school with college advisors to work with high school students and alumni advisors to support college students through challenges they may experience.

Our vision is to partner with the Arkansas Delta to provide sustainable post-secondary attainment and completion systems to transform lives and uplift communities.

Our partners: Cross County School District, Helena-West Helena School District, and KIPP Delta Public Schools

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