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Request for Proposal: Lawn-mowing and landscape services


Lawn Mowing and Landscaping Services

For KIPP-Blytheville Locations


Release Date: July 5, 2017

Proposal Deadline: Friday, July 21, 2017


Contact Person:                Matt Perrin

1200 Byrum Rd.

Blytheville, AR 72315



Kipp Delta Public Schools is accepting proposals for the Outsourced Lawn Care Services for its Blythevlle High School at 1200 Byrum Road and Middle School at 1124 Moultrie.


  • The awarded Lawn Care provider MUST have and maintain an e-mail account with a valid email address for communication between KIPP and the awarded vendor.
  • The awarded Lawn Care provider MUST also have a mobile phone in which they can send and receive text messages on for use in the field.


The Project will be awarded to the lowest and best overall proposal for each location that most meets proposal specifications. The proposal(s) will be weighted and evaluated by KIPP Staff Members who will perform their due diligence in completing the evaluation.

The proposal will be awarded based on pricing which is the major determinant factor; however, the cost of materials, experience and overall service are also important and shall play a large role in the award. Our intent is to award this comprehensive RFP to the best overall, most responsive, competitive proposer(s)... Our desire is for the awarded vendors to provide comprehensive service for all lawn care needs.

*Accept or Reject Proposals: KIPP Blytheville reserves the right to waive any formalities and accept or reject proposals, upon the evidence (or determined by KIPP) before or after the proposed opening, that a proposer is not necessarily qualified by experience, is not in a position to perform the work specified in the time allotted, or upon evidence of collusion with intent to defraud or other illegal practice. All proposals are to be complete in every detail as required. Those that are incomplete, contain irregularities or are not in accordance with the specifications may be rejected.

 *Funding: This RFP project is ultimately subject to funding as with all KIPP RFP projects. KIPP is a tax exempt organization: Proposal cost must include any and all related sales and use tax. Although KIPP is tax exempt- the Proposer(s) are responsible for any and all sales and use tax for the materials and or equipment.

*Vendors Performance: If at any time the primary awarded lawn care contractor fails to perform over the term of the agreement then: KIPP shall have the right to invoke the payment and performance bond for the failed vendor and then reserves the right to negotiate with the next best bidder.

*Invoicing  Payments: Payments will be made within (30) days of the date, vendor billing (invoice) is received and stamped as received by the KIPP Accounts Payable Department. All invoices must be reflective of the original RFP and vendors submitted proposal. KIPP desires to pay from itemized invoice.  KIPP requires detailed itemized invoices per account per month. Invoices must be reflective of the original proposal.  KIPP will not be responsible for any "added" expenses (that have not been authorized in writing by KIPP Administration).

 See attachment for full bid requirements.

PDF icon RFP for Blytheville Lawncare.pdf

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