KIPP Delta Collegiate High

Staff Directory

Parents and students are encouraged to stay in close contact with their teachers and grade-level chairs. Email addresses and cell phone numbers for all DCHS staff members are included below. Click on an email icon below to contact a staff member directly.

Name Position Telephonesort descending Email
Siretha Bell Food Service Staff
Jeanette Jones Food Service Scanner
Vallese Sanders Custodian
Delosie Harmon Custodian
Leatha Flenaugh Substitute Teacher
Danielle Ferguson Long-Term Substitute Teacher
Wes Hooper College Advisor
Joshua Johnson Teacher
Michael Hendricks Social Studies
Kippster KTC College Advisor
Jessica Moody On-Call Receptionist
John Holmes Teacher (870) 278-9614
Andrea Dixon School Director (870) 714-0002
Jasmin Diaz KTC Office Associate (870) 714-0040
Blanca Diaz Teacher (870) 714-0286
David Rhoades College Advisor (870) 714-0701
Tracy Duncan Teacher (870) 714-0902
Aaliyah Johnson Operations Coordinator (870) 714-0966
Laurie Brown KIPP Through College Director (870) 714-1028
Jerry Parnell Custodian (870) 714-2301
Vivian Sisk Teacher (870) 714-2328
Davita Briggs DCAN College Advisor (870) 714-2645
Keith Bardsley Consultant (870) 714-2649
Nathan Whitfield Teacher (870) 714-5116
Julia Staron College Advisor (870) 714-5147
Erin Handley KTC Advisor (870) 714-5204
Donna Turner Teacher (870) 714-5848
Marisa Stanton Teacher (870) 714-5891
Tomisha Gant KTC Advisor (870) 714-9799
Betty Sanders Teacher (870) 817-8072
Nathaniel Hayes College Advisor 870 714-2649
Cortney Thompson College Advisor 870 714-5250
Leon Harris Teacher 870-714-0846
Michelle Joyner Teacher 870-714-5686
Nasheana Mitchell Teacher 870-714-5738
Victor Castillo Teacher 870-714-5752
Damien Myers School Director 870-714-5770
Georgia Lonzo Food Service Staff NA

Contact Information

KIPP Delta Collegiate High
215 Cherry Street
Helena-West Helena, AR 72342
Phone: 870-338-8138
Fax: 870-338-8623