KIPP Delta Collegiate High

Staff Directory

Parents and students are encouraged to stay in close contact with their teachers and grade-level chairs. Email addresses and cell phone numbers for all DCHS staff members are included below. Click on an email icon below to contact a staff member directly.

Name Position Telephone Emailsort ascending
Wes Hooper College Advisor
Vivian Sisk Teacher (870) 714-2328
Victor Castillo Teacher 870-714-5752
Vallese Sanders Custodian
Tracy Duncan Teacher (870) 714-0902
Tomisha Gant KTC Advisor (870) 714-9799
Siretha Bell Food Service Staff
Nathaniel Hayes College Advisor 870 714-2649
Nathan Whitfield Teacher (870) 714-5116
Nasheana Mitchell Teacher 870-714-5738
Michelle Joyner Teacher 870-714-5686
Michael Hendricks Social Studies
Marisa Stanton Teacher (870) 714-5891
Leon Harris Teacher 870-714-0846
Leatha Flenaugh Substitute Teacher
Laurie Brown KIPP Through College Director (870) 714-1028
Kippster KTC College Advisor
Keith Bardsley Consultant (870) 714-2649
Julia Staron College Advisor (870) 714-5147
Joshua Johnson Teacher
John Holmes Teacher (870) 278-9614
Jessica Moody On-Call Receptionist
Jerry Parnell Custodian (870) 714-2301
Jeanette Jones Food Service Scanner
Jasmin Diaz KTC Office Associate (870) 714-0040
Georgia Lonzo Food Service Staff NA
Erin Handley KTC Advisor (870) 714-5204
Donna Turner Teacher (870) 714-5848
Delosie Harmon Custodian
Davita Briggs DCAN College Advisor (870) 714-2645
David Rhoades College Advisor (870) 714-0701
Danielle Ferguson Long-Term Substitute Teacher
Damien Myers School Director 870-714-5770
Cortney Thompson College Advisor 870 714-5250
Blanca Diaz Teacher (870) 714-0286
Betty Sanders Teacher (870) 817-8072
Aaliyah Johnson Operations Coordinator (870) 714-0966

Contact Information

KIPP Delta Collegiate High
215 Cherry Street
Helena-West Helena, AR 72342
Phone: 870-338-8138
Fax: 870-338-8623